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This website is maintained by Craig Morton, artist and managing partner of MNM Art Studio located in Agoura Hills, California 91301. Contact information follows.

Click on Craig Morton to send an E-Mail or call at (818) 881-6158.

To visit his website, click on
  Thousand Oaks
Community Art Gallery

This is the primary public fine art gallery in the region and has ongoing shows throughout the year. For more information on the Gallery and its schedule, click on the logo above.
      Likeness of Craig (BUBA) Morton by John Storojev    
  Thousand Oaks Arts Festival        
        ABOVE: "The Sanctuary" by Lynn Gertenbach©  
        "Old Point Loma Liighthouse" by JJlie ann Craig Morton   Peahen" by Julie & Craig Morton  
  Thousand Oaks

With eligibility restricted to residents of the Greater Conejo Valley and members of local art organizations, this is the premier outdoor festival of its kind in the region. Click on the logo above to go to the Festival's official website.
      ABOVE: Likeness of Craig (BUBA) Morton sculpted by John Storojev duing the 2015 Greater Conejo Valley Open Studio Tour.      
Thousand Oaks

Community Art Gallery

2331-A Borchard Road
Newbury Park, CA 91320
(805) 379-5655

This Gallery is the "home" of most regional art groups and offers new Shows on a continuing basis.

For more information and current schedule, click on GALLERY to open in a new window.

Companion "virtual" art galleries featuring artists in Westake Village and Agoura Hills can be viewed in a new window by clicking on the links below.

Westlake Village Art Gallery

Agoura Hills Art Gallery
        "Old Point Loma Lighthouse" by Julie & Craig Morton©   "Peahen" by Julie & Craig Morton©  
          "Midday Reflections" by Julie & Craig Morton  
          "Unforgiven" by Julie & Craig Morton    
          "Unforgiven" by Julie & Craig Morton©   "Midday Reflections" by Julie & Craig Morton©